Winter Storm Prep: Furnace Edition

What do you think when you hear a winter storm is in the forecast? Do you dig out your shovels, salt the driveway, or even add that extra blanket layer to your bed? Before you decide you’re set, there’s one very important item on the checklist that you may be overlooking: making sure your furnace is prepared to keep the cold outside. To ensure your heating system continues to run smoothly and efficiently, add these three simple heating system steps to your winter storm prep checklist.

1. Check your Air Filter

Air flows most efficiently through your space when your filters are clean. Clean air filters allow a more significant amount of dust and debris to be filtered out of your home’s air, helping keep your family healthy and safe. Cleaning your air filters can be completed in a matter of minutes and doesn’t require professional servicing. If you find that your filter is visibly dirty, replace it. This task should be done every 1-3 months for maximum airflow efficiency.

2. Clean Your Furnace

It’s important to keep both the inside and outside of your furnace clean for both safety and efficiency. To help keep your home safe from fire, remove all surrounding items that could be potential hazards. To keep your heating system running smoothly through the season, remove any visible dust and debris from your furnace, especially in and around the blower motor. 

 3. Schedule an Inspection with an HVAC Professional

Changing filters and cleaning systems can be challenging or daunting to do on your own. When you rely on the professionals, we get the job done quick and correctly. Our preventative maintenance allows you peace of mind that your heating system is running as cleanly and efficiently as possible. Save yourself from costly breakdowns and replacements and schedule your preventative maintenance check-up now.

Winter storms aren’t so bad when you don’t have to worry about your furnace keeping you warm. Follow these tips for winter storm prep to help you maintain a healthy heating system in your home for years to come. For repair questions and services, connect with us at 507.218.8400. Our staff would be happy to set up an appointment for you with one of our experienced technicians.