Four signs it’s time to call a professional plumber

When it comes to plumbing problems, you may be inclined to fix the issues on your own, but this may not be the best idea. While your kitchen faucet dripping or the slow flushing of your toilet might not seem like a big deal, plumbing issues can have a serious impact on your monthly utility bills and the safety of your family. A professional plumbing service help can figure out the underlying issue – not just what you see at the surface, but what may be happening beyond the faucet or drain.

Are you confident in your plumbing prognosis? Here are 4 warning signs for when it’s time to call your local plumber:

1. Your Faucet is Leaking

A leaky faucet in your kitchen or bathroom is not something you should ignore. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a shower head that leaks 10 drips per minute wastes more than 500 gallons of water per year – which is roughly the gallons required to run your dishwasher 60 times! Calling a professional plumber will help you get ahead of the issue before you see an unfavorable spike in your water bill.

2. You’re Running Out of Hot Water

When your water heater isn’t working correctly, it can be a terrible inconvenience. Most of us rely on hot water to carry on with our daily activities of washing our hands, doing laundry, running our dishwashers, and of course, taking a shower. When you are used to hot water for your daily shower, it can be incredibly frustrating when it runs out before you’re done. Stop enduring cold water issues and call a professional plumbing service, like our team at Valor Mechanical, to evaluate the situation. Our professional plumbers can help determine what may be causing this issue and have the hot water flowing again in no time.

3. You’re Experiencing Low Water Pressure

We all know how annoying it can be when your toilet is flushing slowly and your shower head’s water flow is nearly down to a trickle. The good news is that issues caused by low water pressure aren’t something you have to live with. A professional plumber can help solve these problems by checking for leaks ad corroded pipes, calcium build-up from your water softener, and ensure your pipes are properly installed, making your low water pressure nothing but a bad memory.

4. You Haven’t Had Your Irrigation Backflow Preventer Inspected in Over a Year

Irrigation backflow devices, also known as RPZ backflow preventors, are designed to help prevent your clean water supply from being contaminated in the event of backflow. This can be a lifesaver, but when was the last time you had your backflow preventer device and irrigation system checked? Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) requires residents to get their backflow device tested annually by a licensed plumber with backflow certifications. Schedule a routine inspection with our professionals at Valor Mechanical and experience the peace of mind that everything is working properly and that your water is flowing in the correct direction. After all, nobody wants contaminated water backing up and entering your family’s clean water!

These four warning signs aren’t the only signifiers of plumbing problems, but they certainly are the most popular. No matter what plumbing issues you might be experiencing, our experts at Valor Mechanical are here to help. With our personalized plumbing solutions for both our residential and commercial clients, you can count on us to assess your toilets, faucets, drains, shower heads, water heaters, water softeners, and more to ensure that everything is working properly. Get started today by calling our team of professionals at 507.218.8400 and Experience the Valor Difference.