Air Conditioner Troubleshooting CHecklist

Every homeowner dreads the day they go to turn on their air conditioning and it doesn’t work. If that’s the case, how do you know how to figure out the issue? A/C units are comprised of many different parts, any of which could potentially be at fault for the unit’s failure or malfunction. This can be overwhelming to any homeowner who doesn’t have the proper tools or knowledge to even know where to begin. Instead of trying to maintain your A/C yourself, give your local air conditioning experts at Valor Mechanical a call.

At Valor, we work diligently to source and solve any mechanical problem at hand, all while providing high-quality customer service. We take the time to ensure our clients understand the services we recommend. When you call Valor Mechanical for your next air conditioning maintenance, here’s what services you can expect from your technician.

Check & Clean A/C Coils

These coils are essential for filtering warm air out of your home, allowing for cool air to then return into your home. Over time, dust and dirt can begin to build up between the coil’s fins. Our technicians use proper solutions to carefully clean your coils and keep the air flowing efficiently through your systems. Using the wrong cleaner can severely harm your system and may begin to eat away at the fins.

Inspect the Unit’s Capacitor

The capacitor is essentially what protects the unit’s motor. Using a multimeter, our technician will measure the voltage of your capacitor to detect the potentially faulty piece. If we receive a weak voltage, our technician will safely replace the defective part.

Measure Refrigerant Levels in Condenser

The condenser is responsible for releasing heat in warmer months and retaining heat in cooler months. If your A/C isn’t releasing cool air, you may have a leak in your condenser. Our technicians are equipped with all the tools required to check the refrigerant levels of your system to determine whether or not there is a leak. If we come across a leak, we will work immediately to rectify it.

Change Out Dirty Filters

Significant build-up on your air filters can cause cold air to become trapped, potentially freezing your entire A/C system. This trapped, cool air can cause ice to form on the unit’s coils, making the system inoperable. During our inspection, our technician will change out your air filter, but we still suggest cleaning your air filters every 1-3 months on your own for optimal system efficiency.

Check for Blockages in Ductwork

If your vents are not releasing cool air, you may have blockages in your system’s ductwork. Our technicians inspect systems by measuring the return between the supply and return air using a temperature probe. If the temperature falls outside of a 40–70-degree range, we can then determine that there is likely a blockage. If we determine that there is a blockage, our technician will work diligently to remove the buildup, returning your system to running efficiently.

Measure the Compressor

A compressor is fundamentally the engine of your system. If it’s running weak, it likely will cause your system to malfunction. To verify your compressor is working correctly, our technicians measure the megaohms of the part. If our measurements show that your system is running weak, we will need to replace the part.

With Valor, you can always expect thorough service, from beginning to end. We will take a walk through the interior and exterior of the home to make sure everything’s working and in place before leaving.

The best way to keep your HVAC systems running efficiently is with preventative maintenance. At Valor Mechanical, we offer a variety of preventative maintenance plans to keep your systems running throughout their entire life. Contact the professionals at Valor Mechanical to learn more.