Top 3 Winter Heating Tips

As the snow begins to fall and temperatures plummet leading into winter, there is one word that Minnesotans think repeatedly: COLD. Now, what if we told you there are ways to keep your house warm in the winter without sending your electric bills through the roof? Well, the HVAC experts are here with winter heating wisdom to help you do just that. Read on for our 3 simple tips to help you keep your family comfortable all season long.

1. Change Your Fan Rotation for Winter

While it may seem simple, changing your ceiling fan direction can make a tremendous impact on the heat circulation in your home. In the summer, ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise to push cool air to the floor. However, come colder weather, you should set your winter fan direction to rotate clockwise and at a slower pace to redirect the warm air down your walls towards you. This will prevent your winter heating system from working overtime to keep your home cozy.

2. Install a humidifier

You may already know there are many benefits of having a humidifier such as preventing dry skin, improving air quality, and help those with breathing conditions such as asthma, but how does a humidifier work to help keep your house warm? Using a humidifier in the winter adds more moisture into the air, making it more comfortable and even a bit warmer. Talk to your local heating experts to learn which humidifier is right for you and start reaping the benefits of a humidifier in winter.

3. Schedule a Winter Furnace or Boiler Tune Up

Just like everything else in your home, your home heating system needs routine maintenance. So, before you decide your furnace or boiler is ready for the winter, take the time to clean around your equipment, making sure the space around it is clear of debris, unnecessary items like boxes or bags, and/or black soot. While you are checking your furnace or boiler, turn it on and look to see if the flames on the burner are a steady blue color. If you see blue flames, that’s a good sign. If they are yellow or orange and flickering, you may need further service on your heating system.

No one wants to wait until you need some heat to find your home heater not working. After all, freezing is no fun. The best rule of thumb is to get a boiler or furnace tune up every year (BEFORE it gets cold) by an HVAC professional so you can rest assured your heating system will be safe and reliable all winter long.

Don’t wait any longer to make sure your heating system is ready for the Minnesota winter. Let our team help you keep the cold away and your family comfortable this and every winter. Contact the professionals at Valor Mechanical at 507.218.8400 to schedule your winter heating maintenance today.